Epson WorkForce Pro EcoTank ET-8700 Wireless All-in-One Printer

Epson WorkForce Pro EcoTank ET-8700 Setup

For any Printer model that you use, the features and specifications always PLAY the role, Let us explain the features of Epson WorkForce Pro EcoTank ET-8700 Wireless All-in-One Printer in detail. If you read and understand the Epson WorkForce Pro EcoTank ET-8700 setup manual, the process is easy. Suppose if you end up receiving the error messages that popup on your screen, use the available tips and tricks to get rid of it

Complete the setup and start printing and it’s the high-quality printouts that  you will receive as the output

What are the top Features of Epson WorkForce Pro EcoTank ET-8700 Printer?

Find the most innovative features of the model here

  • Cartridge free printing
  • Save your Ink to a greater extent
  • Low-cost replacement Ink
  • 3-inch color touch screen to make your selections easily
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi direct connectivity options
  • Print speed of 24 ppm for black and color prints
  • Excellent text and Color graphics
  • High productivity
  • High yield Ink bags
  • Automatic document feeder to feed the documents
  • Control panel is spacious and you can make your selection easily
  • Print resolution of 1200 dpi
  • 80 sheet rear tray
  • Offers product free replacement guarantee if your product stays in the warranty period
  • Built-in refillable Ink tanks and you can  fill the Ink if the level is low

Note that  you can also  explore other innovative  features of the model if you have any plan  to buy

Let us start the Epson WorkForce Pro EcoTank ET-8700 Setup here

  • As the first step, you can connect the necessary cable
  • Identify the exact port to fix the cable
  • Ensure that you fix the cable properly to the required slot
Epson WorkForce Pro ET-8700 EcoTank
Epson WorkForce Pro ET-8700 EcoTank

Use Epson connect to start the setup

  • To complete the setup process easier, you can use Epson Connect and all you need to do is to install the Epson connect utility tool
  • Open the tool and carry on to run the instructions one by one
  • Printer registration is the next step and all you can do is to click on the Printer registration tab
  • Once if the registration process is done, you will receive an error message stating that the printer registration is complete
  • If you have an account already, click on the option, I have an account already
  • Add your printer as  the next step and close the tab if the settings are complete
  • Agree to the end-user license agreement if you receive a prompt

What if you End up with Issues as you Proceed with the Setup?

  • If you prefer using Epson connect as the connection method, check the validity of the Epson connect account
  • Make sure that the Printer registration process is complete
  • You can try resetting the device and then check if you can get rid of the Epson wireless printer setup issues
  • Check the hardware connection and cross-check if you fixed  the cables properly
  • Replace the device with a new one
  • Use the available scan tools to run a quick scan and this step can help to overcome most of the error messages that appear on your  screen
  • Update the device software regularly and you  can resolve most of the error messages that appear on the screen
  • If it’s a network-related issue, printing a network test page can help you to verify the settings, confirm the wireless network username and the password

How to Print using Epson Connect Printer?

  • Switch on your device and verify that the settings are valid
  • Make sure that the network connection is active
  • Now select the document that you would like to print
  • Tap on the Print Icon to start printing
  • Once if you receive the print outs, check for the Print quality and speed
  • Use the available settings whenever you require

To know more about the model and the setup guide, refer to the instructions available on our webpage Epson connect printer setup or call us @ +1-844-329-5060. We have a team certified and trained to answer the queries and concerns that you have.

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