How to Scan using Epson Printer? | Epson Print and Scan App

Epson Print and Scan

You will be able to control the printer in an organized manner with Epson Print and Scan App. For printing and scanning the images, you can make use of Epson connect technology to print or scan the images and documents.

If you think your office is not bigger and there is only room for one printer then no problem everybody can use the printer without hindrance. Moreover, with the aid of Epson connect you will be able to print documents and photos without the requirement of the cable. This can be done directly from your computer, tablet or Smartphone. By easily accessing the WIFI network you will be able to send documents to the printer from your computer or the mobile. This will initiate the printer to print.

To make things more simple there are some applications for the Epson print and scan which you can download to your system for free. This program works only on the devices with Windows 8 and above. Consequently, You will be able to print and scan the images and documents whenever you prefer with this tool. Besides, there are lots of options for you to choose from.

Epson Print and Scan
Epson Print and Scan

The Main Features Epson Print and Scan App

The main printing functions consists of

  • Firstly you have to choose the device.
  • Now put the document on the preview.
  • Choose the type and size of the paper.
  • Now the color mode function.
  • Availability of different resolutions.
  • Paper source.

If you use the Epson Print and Scan App Scanning Options you can

  • Firstly Select the device.
  • Now Preview the file.
  • Then Preplan the scanning and digitization size.
  • Also set Resolution.
  • Lastly, the colors mode functions.

How to Use Email Print?

You will be able to print to any type of printer which is compatible with Epson Email Print. Besides, you can send emails to the printer for printing using mobile, tablet and computer.

To make use of this service you have to register the printer in the Epson Connect.

Sending the Email

  • Compose an email and make an attachment of the photos and documents respectively in the email you want to print.
  • Key in the printer’s email address and send the email.
  • You can also check the email address.
  • It will be on the sheet when you have finished the setup for Epson connect.
  • On the list on the user page.
  • The LCD panel of the printer.
  • On the connection report of the network status sheet.

Cancellation of the print jobs

  • You can cancel the printing after sending the job.
  • The first method is by going to the control panel of the printer you can click stop or cancel button during the time of printing.
  • The second method is to Sign in to the user page and cancel the print job from the log.

Editing on the approved sender’s list

By going to the approved sender’s list you can permit the trusted senders to access the printer and also block any inappropriate emails. The approved sender’s list is Disabled on default.

  • Firstly sign in to the user page.
  • Go to the approved sender’s list in the email print menu found on the left.
  • Choose ‘use approved senders’ list.
  • Tap Add address or Add address from the print log.
  • If you choose to add the address you have to key in the email address or the domain you would like to add.
  • If you choose to Add address from the print log you have to choose email received from the address you like to add.
  • Tap add.
  • Check the address you have added on the list found on the Approved sender’s list and then press Apply.

Modify the print settings of the Epson Print and Scan App

When you choose the print settings all the emails are printed in relation to the settings. When many printers are registered you have to choose the print settings each printer.

  • Firstly, drop in on to the user page for this process.
  • Now Choose print settings in the email print.
  • Then Choose the settings for printing you prefer to use.
  • Lastly, Click apply.

Email notification settings

You can use the email notification settings for the user page. If any error occurs from the side of the sender a message will be sent.

  • Go to the user page.
  • Choose the email notification settings from the menu.
  • Choose the notifications you would like to receive.
  • Tap apply.
  • The email notification will now be sent.

Furthermore, to know more about the Epson Print and Scan software Download you can get in touch with our team of experts at Epson Connect Printer Setup contact our toll-free number +1-844-329-5060.

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